• Former officials said they sent a sailor to investigate the Nimitz incident
  • After returning, he experienced paranormal activity and spotted dark figures at night
  • The sailor's family spotted a wolf-like creature outside their home on two occasions 

The family of a sailor, who was sent to investigate the much-talked-about Nimitz incident, claimed they saw a wolf-like creature walking on two hind legs and peering through their home on two different occasions.

The strange sighting was one of several revelations made by former officials, who were involved in the Pentagon’s hunt for UFOs and any evidence that proves humans are not the only pilots in the sky, according to Futurism.

James Lacatski, a now-retired DIA intelligence officer, had set up the UFO program that ran from 2008 to 2010. He recently spoke to about his views on flying saucers and other mysterious flying objects that have intrigued the public for decades.

"People say, 'Well, we're only going to look at the nuts-and-bolts machines.' Well, you better come up with a lot of physics. It's far more advanced than we're capable of now," Lacatski told the outlet. "And then there's others who say, 'Well, they're nothing more than ghosts. Part of the paranormal world."

"No, they're a hybrid of both," he added.

Lacatski and Colm Kelleher who worked closely with each other for the UFO program also wrote a book called “Skinwalkers at the Pentagon,” which was cleared by the Defense Department for release.

While speaking with, Lacatski mentioned the Nimitz incident, where two Navy pilots flying over the Pacific ocean in a routine training mission spotted a mysterious “Tic Tac”-shaped object in the air in November 2004.

One of the pilots said she first saw an unusual “churning” of the ocean surface before seeing the white oblong object zipping in the air, according to Reuters. The object had no markings, no wings and no propulsion system. Yet, it was able to fly over the water at a high speed.

Lacatski told that they began investigating the Nimitz case and sent a sailor to secretly hunt for evidence. The sailor, described as a senior engineer in naval intelligence, set out with two Marines on the four-and-a-half-month investigation.

Lacatski said the sailor traveled to a Utah property known as the Skinwalker Ranch in an area that is infamous for strange happenings and tales about otherworldly creatures. The sailor and the marines were terrified when they witnessed a black void on the land, according to Lacatski and Kelleher. They also claimed that the three investigators returned to Washington, D.C. to experience paranormal activity, such as hearing strange noises and spotting orbs and dark figures at night.

Even the sailor’s wife and children claimed to have laid eyes on a wolf-life creature walking on two hind legs and staring into their Virginia home on two separate occasions.

When asked the Pentagon to confirm Lacatski and Kelleher’s claims, the department’s spokesperson on UFOs responded with a one-word answer: “No.”

Spokesperson Sue Gough instead highlighted a disclaimer on Lacatski and Kelleher’s book, that said the department's clearance for publication does not suggest factual accuracy.

Representative image Credit: Pixabay / xarkamx