Leave Amber Cole Alone started out as a plea from Twitter users to stop bullying a 14-year-old girl who was caught on video carrying out oral sex on her boyfriend. When the video went viral, people warned that such abuse over the Web could drive the girl to kill herself.

Now Twitter and Facebook are ablaze with the question: Did Amber Cole commit suicide? There is no evidence that she has done so. It is also not known where or when the now-notorious video was taken.

Facebook activity also would suggest the answer is no, as accounts in the teenager's name are being created by the hour. One of many Amber Cole fan pages has already reached 17,000 fans. Support Amber Cole, is the most popular page and opens with the post: IM NOT A HOE! I AM JUST YOUR AVERAGE GIRL....... 14..female...goals.....

On Twitter, it's become the issue of the day for many.

Here are some Tweets relating to Cole and Suicide:
trulydedicated_ Mookie Monroe ' .

If Amber Cole commits suicide or anything near it...All of you tweeting about her being funny & stuff , hold yourself partially responsible.

4 hours ago

Autty_ ?Autumn..?

Idk why y'all being mean and CYBER BULLYING this AmberCole girl on here.. now if she commits suicide, guess what? It's y'all fault. Psh.

TasteRenaTweets i STAND correct.!

.they just said amber cole just commited suicide., it was on the news

wooh_da_queen wooty

Its been said that Amber Cole has committed suicide.. Im not sure how true it is but, thats the word ..

LoveMeImLexi Mrs. Brown-Neverson

Lord Jesus. Y'all got this Amber Cole girl trending. Watch tomorrow, we gon hear about her committing suicide. Smh

The original Amber Cole video shows a girl explicitly giving oral sex to her boyfriend on school grounds. While many people have pushed the Leave Amber Cole Alone campaign, calling distribution of the video is a promotion of child pornography, the most popular installment came in the form of a video from a girl who looked her age. jordannmariebaby YouTube published a video that has almost reached 350,000 page views in an exaggerated condemnation of people bullying Cole. The video itself has been mocked and people have criticized it for turning the serious nature of the situation into a satire:

The jordannmarie received many controversial comments on YouTube:

ts cool you tryna stand up for the girl and tell people not to make fun of her , but now there mad parodies on yo video , they making fun of you . And shewas wrong she will learn from her mistakes . Thats life . She jus had bad luck ._ Chill, wrote ihtsihane.

Mant..Is she really CRYING? Lmfao it's NOT that serious! It's not you so why are you crying? I mean she did what she did and she was in the wrong and so was the guys that recorded it! It's over and done now and im with you on that PEOPLE SHOULD LEAVE HER ALONE nobody knows what she's been through!,_ said Kelove234

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