Vampire Diaries
Elena and Damon might be separated when Season 6 of “The Vampire Diaries” begins, however Elena will find a way to be close to her boyfriend again. CW

“Vampire Diaries” fans just got their first big bite of Season 6. The CW released a brand new promo video, “Bite Back,” and it gives viewers a look at some of the juicy storylines in store for Elena, Damon, Stefan and the rest of the Mystic Falls gang.

The new video kicks off with Caroline giving a little bit of backstory for those that forgot how Season 5 ended – “We just lost two of our closest friends.” It looks like Caroline will continue to be a beacon of light in the dark supernatural world, but the rest of the group will not be as fortunate. The promo teases that although Bonnie and Damon have moved onto the unknown, their loved ones on Earth can’t get past their tragic deaths.

Jeremy can be seen drinking in the woods while looking at a group photo of Bonnie surrounded by dead flowers. Elena on the other hand is being a little but more open about her grief.

While having a little panic attack in her car, Elena calls Stefan for help. “I need you to give me hope,” she tells him. However his words say the opposite.

“Damon’s gone, you need to say goodbye too” Stefan says. But is Stefan really moving on? While on the phone with Elena, viewers can see that the youngest Salvatore is in a never-before-seen house and cracking into a six pack of beer (the old Salvatore house only used to carry bourbon). The new digs can be explained by the Travelers curse still placed on Mystic Falls, but Stefan’s choice of poison could hint that he’s mourning his brother.

While it might be easy for Stefan to say “move on,” it’s not that simple for Elena. The promo shows her crying alone, sniffing Damon’s clothes and looking at old photos. And even though that may be part of the mourning process, things quickly spiral out of control for her.

“I need to see Damon,” she yells at a mysterious man, using her vampire strength to push him. But that’s not the worst of it – “Vampire Diaries” fans see her savagely biting a girl on the neck in broad daylight. It may look like signs that Elena shut off her humanity switch, but it’s something a little bit more complicated than that … drugs.

“Did you know that Elena has some witchy drug problem that allows her to hallucinate Damon?” Caroline questions someone on the phone.

But viewers will quickly see why Elena has found herself in this messy situation. The “Bite Back” promo video concludes with a teary-eyed Elena looking Damon in the eye.

“Elena, move on,” Damon tells her.

“The Vampire Diaries” Season 6 will premiere on The CW on Thursday, Oct. 2, at 8 p.m. EDT. Watch the video below and tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.