Veena Malik's FHM India cover has sparked a fiery barrage of criticism when the Pakistani actress posed naked for the cover shot with the letters ISI tattooed on her arm (ISI stands for Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Spy agency). 

Malik has vehemently denied the legitimacy of the photographs, but FHM India's editor says that the cover shot is real. 

No one can hold anything against FHM as the girl on the cover page was Veena Malik and she can't deny it, he said. 

Malik faces criticism from those in her native country who deem the photograph inappropriate, including Pakistan's Interior Minister Rahman Malik. The official claimed he had not yet seen the pictures, but vowed strict action would be taken if the photos are legitimate.

Despite the flood of contention surrounding the magazine cover, Malik is not the first star to face such discord.

Over the years, many celebrities have had to deal with controversy surrounding magazine covers they have posed for.

Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga have all faced public outcry over particularly scandalous photographs. The issues run the gamut from over-sexualization of minors and nudity to sacrilege and the use of meat as clothing. 

Some of the photos are still considered distasteful, while others are recognized as legendary. 

Here is a look at 10 other controversial magazine covers.

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