A black Alabama man's defiant attitude toward a white cop who pulled him over is going viral after he made a video of himself cursing at the police officer.

The video, titled Man Cusses Out Cop For Profiling Him In Auburn, AL! first surfaced Monday on World Star Hip Hop, where it has more than 20,000 views. The video, which can be viewed below, was also posted to YouTube, where it had about 24,000 views as of Tuesday afternoon.

The driver was stopped because there were burglaries in the area and the officer did not say that the man did anything wrong. The video clearly shows the driver ticked off for the traffic stop and viewers of the footage are on his side.

Dude was 100% in the right, wrote World Star Hip Hop user Blake. That pig straight up admitted he was following him because there were burglaries in the area,

It doesn't matter how our brother spoke -- what are we, handing out declarations on how people can talk when they're being violated now? wrote Christina Thomas. I have my own thoughts on how one should try to talk to them when s--- like this happens, but I ain't saying because it's irrelevant.

On YouTube, the video was more controversial, where the footage gained 38 likes and 49 dislikes.

YouTube user jakenewbigging noted that the officer displayed a calm demeanor during the stop.

Yeah the cop was trying to be peaceful? but the dumb driver didn't help, he wrote.

While some users of World Star Hip Hop and YouTube are saying the traffic stop was a case of racial profiling, not all viewers of the video see it that way.

Many on here are? claiming the cop acted illegally by pulling this guy over for no reason, which is not true. In terms of morality you're assuming that the cop did indeed profile this guy, wrote YouTube user Josh Forte. Look, I'm black, but too many people involve race in situations where it need not apply. Maybe it's the pre-law major in me, but I look at situations objectively based on fact. Everyone here is assuming the officer racially profiled a black guy, when there is no evidence to support this assumption.

Who's to blame, the driver or the officer? And was it racial profiling? Check out the video below and write your opinion in the comment section below.