A Walmart employee was killed and six people were wounded Saturday when a 31-year-old disgruntled former employee crashed an SUV into a distribution center in Red Bluff, California, before opening fire with a semi-automatic rifle.

Red Bluff police engaged in a shootout with Louis Lane in the parking lot of the facility, exchanging 20-30 rounds before eventually wounding him. Lane was then taken to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries and died.

The attack on the facility began at around 3:30 p.m. Lane reportedly circled the facility four times before crashing his vehicle. There were about 200 workers inside the Walmart facility, according to local reports.

“It went on and on — I don’t even know how many times he fired,” employee Scott Thammakhanty told reporters. “I just know it was a lot.”

Initial reports claimed that four people were injured. But authorities later confirmed that Lane ended up wounding seven people in his attack, including one from when he initially crashed into the building. Six were taken to the nearby St. Elizabeth Community Hospital and treated for minor to moderate injuries.

One victim, Martin Haro-Lozano, 45, suffered fatal injuries in the shooting and later died at a local hospital.

Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said that police have not been determined a motive for the attack.

“Based on evidence at the scene, video surveillance and witness statements investigators determined Lane acted alone,” the Tehama County Sheriff’s Department said in an official press release.

“We are deeply saddened by this tragic incident,” Walmart said in a statement on the shooting. “Our focus is on supporting our associates, as well as their families and co-workers in the facility. This is an active police investigation and we will continue to work with Tehama County Sheriff’s Office and assist in their investigation in any way possible.”

Lane had reportedly been fired from his job at the location in February 2019 for failing to arrive on time for a shift.

Red Bluff is located in northern California roughly 130 miles north of the capital city, Sacramento. It has an estimated population of over 14,500.

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Walmart is among the US companies hiring people en masse to keep up with consumer demand during the coronavirus crisis AFP / NICHOLAS KAMM