Modern Warfare 2 Season One
Warzone 2.0 comes with new maps, weapons and cosmetics Activision


  • Players need five consecutive BR wins before they can attempt a nuke run
  • The "Champion's Quest" contract must be completed to get a nuke victory
  • Players will be visible to the rest of the lobby while they attempt to secure the nuke

Tactical nukes have been a part of the "Call of Duty" series since its entrance to the modern era back in 2007. This unique, game-ending kill streak has been a staple in multiplayer matches, and surprisingly enough, developers dared to include it in "Warzone 2."

Scoring a nuke in the battle royale mode isn't as simple as going on a 20-kill streak. There's a ton of stuff to do before players can blow everything to bits, but successfully completing all of the required objectives will lead to an instant win.

Again, this is no easy task. Squad up, equip some of the best guns in the game, and get ready to fend off every player in the lobby.

How to get the Nuke

  1. Win five "Warzone 2" matches in a row
  2. On the sixth match, look for the special "Champion's Quest" contract on the tac-map
  3. Collect three nuke pieces scattered across Al-Mazrah
  4. Visit the bomb site marked on the map
  5. Plant and arm the nuclear bomb
  6. Defend the area for two minutes
MW2 Warzone 2.0
Modern Warfare 2's Warzone includes a third-person camera perspective Activision

This all sounds simple on paper, but given the coordination needed to complete the special contract, players will want to team up with friends or a dedicated group if they want to get the nuke all set up.

The entire quest to get the tactical nuke plays out like a side quest. Players still need to be aware of their surroundings since other players will still try to kill them—even more so when the squad starts getting the nuke pieces. Additionally, the nuke spawn locations and bomb sites will always differ between attempts.

When a nuke piece is acquired, its carrier will become visible to every player in the lobby. To make matters worse, the holder's map will get hit by a disruption effect similar to a Counter-UAV's signal jammer.

Once the bomb is planted, players will have to treat the next two minutes like a Search and Destroy match. Stop anyone from defusing the bomb until it detonates. Once it does explode, the squad that planted the nuke will earn a Champion's Domination victory.

Modern Warfare 2 - M4
The M4 assault rifle in Modern Warfare 2 Warzone 2.0