Was America founded as a Christian nation? A novel - titled The Secret Treaty - by Wayne Josephson claims to answer the most hotly debated question in U.S. history.

Despite the inevitable controversy this book will cause, I believe the public needs to know the true intentions of the Founding Fathers regarding the role of Christianity in creating the American government, says Josephson. The Religious Right would like us to believe that Jesus helped write the Constitution. The Secret Treaty disproves it, unequivocally.

In the novel, Amanda Jefferson and Josiah Bacon search for a hidden family vault containing priceless documents from their ancestors, Thomas Jefferson and Sir Francis Bacon.

The prize - an actual secret treaty from 1797 - is an official U.S. document from the Founding Fathers, negotiated by President George Washington, signed into law by President John Adams, and honored by President Thomas Jefferson, that settles the Christian nation debate that has raged in America for two hundred years.

As Amanda and Josiah frantically race to solve mysterious clues and decipher codes left by Thomas Jefferson himself, they are pursued by a relentless killer, a ruthless United States Senator, and a radical religious cult who will stop at nothing to locate the treaty.

I was stunned when I discovered this secret peace treaty, buried in the Library of Congress for two hundred years, says author Wayne Josephson. I am certain that readers will share my astonishment when they read the novel and learn what this document reveals - especially when they learn which country America signed the treaty with.

Publication date is March 22, but the eBook version of The Secret Treaty is available for a limited time for $2.99 at Amazon Kindle.