Police in Macomb County, Michigan, responded to a call Wednesday not about a crime, but about a horse that had fallen through an ice-covered pond and was stuck. Officers responded to the call around 9:30 a.m. local time from a residence in Ray Township, the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook.

Upon arrival, the officers, along with the Ray Township Fire Department, found the horse about neck deep in the icy waters and attempted to lead it from the water using ropes. However, they quickly discovered that the horse was unable to get its legs up out of the water and onto the surrounding solid ice, said the post. The horse can be heard breathing heavily in the video.

“She’s exhausted, man,” one officer said of the horse.

While trying to attach a rope to the bridal on the horse one officer actually fell in the water. Officers quickly pulled their uninjured colleague from the pond and he continued to help free the horse.

“What were you saying about going in the water?” one officer asks from behind the camera.

“It’s cold,” the officer who fell in responded.

When simply leading the horse out of the water didn’t work, the responding officers and firefighters decided to try breaking up the ice and guide the horse out, a tactic that ended up working in the end. Once the ice was broken, the horse was able to get its front two legs out of the water and up onto the ice and then pulled itself the rest of the way out. The horse was checked by a veterinarian and was deemed ok, said the Facebook post.

horse stuck in water
Police in Macomb County, Michigan, responded to a call of a horse stuck in a frozen pond on December 13, 2017. Macomb County Sheriff's Department