A YouTube video showing a group of West Covina, Calif., police officers playing a practical joke on a driver has made city officials furious.

The video has received more than a million hits on YouTube since it was posted in June, and it also appeared on Will Ferrell's Funny or Die Web site.

The video shows five men dressed as West Covina police officers and driving two patrol cars with lights and sirens. They pull over a man and hold him at gunpoint in a search for the little girl.

The confused and shaken driver puts his hands in the air and insists, I don't know! The interrogation ends with an officer pointing to the driver and saying, There's the little girl! After that, the supposed police officers drive away while shooting their guns in the air.

City Councilman Mike Touhey and Councilwoman Shelley Sanderson have condemned the video spoof.

The West Covina Police Department has launched an internal investigation, and the city council plans to discuss the video at its next meeting.

The police will investigate who provided the police cars and the equipment to Nick Bellas, head of production at the company that produced the video, and writer-director Patrick Scot.

Check out the video here.