The end of “Revenge” officially marks the beginning of cancellation season. ABC cut the drama after four seasons of Amanda Clarke (Emily VanCamp) seeking vengeance in the Hamptons on Wednesday, and unfortunately for TV fans, that won’t be the last show viewers will lose this year.

Like “Revenge,” many other shows are suffering in the ratings. The ABC drama only had 4.45 million viewers watching its April 26 episode while the series premiere in 2011 drew 10 million pairs of eyes. If enough people aren’t watching the show, the networks can’t make enough money to justify more episodes.

Most networks announce their renewals and cancellations by mid-May. These are the shows that might not make the cut:

1. “Hart of Dixie” – The Rachel Bilson-lead medical dramedy is flatlining. The CW moved the shortened fourth season to Friday nights where ratings held steady with about 1 million viewers all season, but that’s not too impressive. The writers even made the Season 4 finale feel like a series finale. The cast already said goodbye, so fans should probably do the same.

2. “Marvel’s Agent Carter” – In comparison to “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” current ratings, Peggy Carter managed to keep most of that audience. Yet some may have been hoping for ratings that looked more like the “S.H.I.E.L.D.” series premiere (the show currently averages 4.53 million viewers a week, but it had 12 million watching the first episode). However, the show was pretty well received critically, and ABC might want to maintain their relationship with Marvel. ABC President Paul Lee told Entertainment Weekly that he was “optimistic” about the possibility of “Marvel’s Agent Carter” Season 2.

3. “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” – Much like “Carter,” this show isn’t pulling in the huge Marvel audience that ABC execs were hoping for. However, the ratings have remained consistent throughout Season 2, and the show is doing well critically (much better than last year). This renewal seems a little more likely than “Carter,” if only because of how much more buzz the show generates in the media with connections to the Marvel films. It also brings in a male demographic that ABC shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Mistresses” don’t necessarily attract.

4. “Nashville” – Deacon (Charles Esten) and Rayna (Connie Britton) might sing their last song soon. With the departure of “Revenge,” we’re hoping ABC doesn’t want to chop another nighttime soap. The show's ratings are about the same as “Revenge,” but the network might take the odd timeslot into account. The soap follows the Wednesday night comedy block, which doesn’t necessarily attract the same audience as the country music drama.

5. “Resurrection” – It’ll take a miracle to resurrect this show. The show was pitted against ratings juggernauts like “Downton Abbey” and that other show about people returning from death, “The Walking Dead.” ABC had given the show a shortened season of 13 episodes to begin with, so it seems like they knew the show might not take off. Even with “Game of Thrones” star Michelle Fairley in Season 2, they only averaged 4.67 viewers, and the ratings steadily declined throughout the season. Cancellation seems like the only option.

6. “About A Boy” – “Parenthood” might not be the only Jason Katims-produced show to leave the air this year. The first season was NBC’s highest-rated comedy, averaging 6.93 million viewers. The comedy, based on the 2002 movie about a grown man befriending a young kid, has averaged around 2 million viewers in Season 2. A drop off that big could result in cancellation, but Katims’ shows have a history of surviving for several years, despite low ratings. (This was the case with both "Parenthood" and "Friday Night Lights.") Actress Minnie Driver even told fans on Twitter that the season finale would likely be a series finale.

7. “State of Affairs” – Katherine Heigl’s return to television likely won’t be a long one. The political drama hasn’t hit the 5 million viewer mark at all in the second half of the first season. CBS is known for successful procedurals like "NCIS" that can bring in from 10 to 20 million viewers, so a renewal doesn’t seem likely. That won’t stop the writers from putting in a cliffhanger, though. The “State of Affairs” executive producer Joe Carnahan told Entertainment Weekly that there would be a “dark, ominous cliffhanger ending” in what may be the series finale.

8. “Marry Me” – The NBC comedy might not make it to the wedding. Then again, viewers haven’t exactly been following Jake (Ken Marino) and Annie’s (Casey Wilson) journey to the altar. The show’s ratings steadily declined throughout the first season. The premiere had 7.5 million viewers, but by the end of the season, there were only 2 million people watching. It looks like this will be canceled.

9. “One Big Happy” – With only six episodes released it’s probably too early to tell if this comedy has a happy future. Ratings have been dropping each week, but it’s doing better than NBC’s other comedies “Marry Me” and “About A Boy.” It seems unlikely that NBC would cancel all of their Tuesday night comedies.

10. “iZombie” – This freshman CW show could go either way. With fewer than 2 million viewers, the quirky zombie dramedy isn’t a hit. However, the CW is known to give new shows time to grow and find their feet.

All ratings information is from Nielson via TV Series Finale.