With Sony’s announcement last week of the PlayStation 4, speculation naturally turned to Microsoft's Xbox 720. Reports have indicated Microsoft plans to debut the new console in June at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles, but a few clues now point to an April release.

A NeoGAF forum user discovered an interesting domain registration that suggests Microsoft may be readying an Xbox 720 announcement. Eventcore, which was formerly known as U.S. Techs, has previously handled announcements for Microsoft and the Xbox 360, and now it has registered the domain XboxEvent.com. As a NeoGAF forum user pointed out, Eventcore also had previously registered XboxE32012.com.

Eventcore, a Seattle company established in 1989 provides meeting and events logistics, and only sets up domains for clients at their instructions. While it seems XboxEvent.com will be used by Microsoft for something related to the console, it remains unclear what that will be -- and yet, that hasn't stopped speculation that the software giant will announce the Xbox 720 sometime in April.

Rob Crossley, a writer for Computer and Videogames, recently said that while Sony’s PS4 announcement wasn't a surprise, it probably definitely grabbed Microsoft’s attention. Citing an unnamed Sony official, CVG said Microsoft was caught “off-guard” and likely plans to announce the Xbox 720 sooner than previously expected.

Kotaku, which was very accurate in the lead-up to the PS4 announcement, also has mentioned a potential late-April date for an Xbox 720 event. Meanwhile, Crave, Cnet UK’s tech and gadget blog, said that while Sony's PS4 announcement was impressive, it didn't warrant an immediate reaction by Microsoft.

The XboxEvent.com domain isn't yet live, and there's no concrete evidence that Microsoft will announce the Xbox 720 sometime in April. Yet, there seems to be plenty of rumblings that the company plans to do something regarding the Xbox in the near future.

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