Jim Cantore, The Weather Channel meteorologist who is known for covering dangerous weather conditions, is in Pensacola, Florida where Hurricane Sally has been causing some major damage.

The Pensacola News Journal reported that Cantore arrived at Pensacola  Beach on Tuesday evening. As of Wednesday morning, Cantore has remained in the area and continues to provide updates about the Category 2 storm.

In a recent tweet, Cantore compared Hurricane Sally to Hurricane Ivan, a Cape Verde hurricane that struck the US and Caribbean in 2004. Incidentally, Hurricane Sally has made landfall in the US along the Gulf  Shores at the same location as Ivan, and on the 16th anniversary of the storm.

“Ivan with the RECORD surge for PNS at 9.54’ thanks @gdimeweather we are over 5’ now,” Cantore tweeted along with a nod to Greg Diamond, a Weather Channel producer.

Early Wednesday morning, Diamond revealed that the levels of water in Pensacola have continued to rise, nearing almost 5 and a half feet of storm surge causing moderate coastal flooding.

CNN reported Hurricane Sally is expected to turn north and northeast with more flooding potential and strong winds that could result in central Alabama and central Georgia receiving anywhere between four to 12 inches of rain.

Mandatory evacuation orders have been made for low-lying areas in Florida and Mississippi, as well as in other places along the coast.

The Florida Division of the Emergency Management warned residents in the path of Hurricane Sally to expect heavy flooding, multiple flash flood warnings, and isolated flooding.