• Donald Trump and Barack Obama are equally admired despite being polar opposites
  • Donald Trump envious of Barack Obama
  • Melania Trump impressed with husband Donald's leadership

Donald Trump and Barack Obama are equally admired despite being polar opposites.

Gallup named the president and the ex-POTUS the most admired men of 2019. Trump and Obama were tied for the recognition. It was Obama’s 12th time but Trump’s first. So what’s with the two seemingly opposite leaders that made them share the same admiration from the public?

Sandep Gopalan of The Hill shared some points how Trump and Obama were both named the most admired men of 2019. According to the report, there are actually things where the two gentlemen have the same approach.

According to Gopalan, Trump and Obama both have “unrelenting ambition and desire to succeed against all odds.” Both of their presidential campaigns were written off as lost causes, they both refused to yield and yet they both prevailed.

Also, Obama and Trump are careful when it comes to leading their pack. For instance, Obama was initially not supportive of gay marriage because he thought the country was not ready for it.

Meanwhile, Trump had a non-dogmatic approach that made some Republicans skeptical of him. For instance, he may have accepted the gun control legislation but his followers were not ready and retreated after claiming to bring the NRA along.

“It seems that, in some respects, Trump and Obama are not that different after all. They possess many similar leadership traits. The difference, of course, is perspective. As Tim Burton has said, ‘One person’s craziness is another person’s reality,’” Gopalan concluded.

Meanwhile, according to Keith Boykin, Trump is envious of Obama. He said that the POTUS’ entire presence is animated by his opposition to Obama. He recalled how Trump spent eight years lying about Obama and everything about him from his birth certificate to his form policy.

While some don’t agree with Trump’s leadership, his wife Melania is very proud of him. In fact, even before Trump became the U.S. president, the FLOTUS already said that he has what it takes to be an amazing president.