• Donald Trump is reportedly envious of Barack Obama
  • Donald Trump called hypocrite
  • Melania Trump praises husband Donald Trump's leadership

Donald Trump is envious of former president Barack Obama.

Keith Boykin spoke about the POTUS on CNN. The journalist got candid and shared his thoughts about the businessman-turned-politician. For him, Trump is a hypocrite and is envious of Obama.

“It seems to be a projection of his values about himself that he puts on somebody else. It’s almost as if his entire presence is animated by this opposition to Barack Obama,” Boykin said. “He spent eight years lying about Obama and everything from his birth certificate to his form policy and he gets an office and does exactly the same thing he complains about Obama.”

He also shared how Trump talks about private emails when his staff and family members also use it. The POTUS also reportedly said that he will release his tax returns and do something to separate himself from his business, but he hasn’t done that.

Boykin said that Trump continues to lie about every single thing. For instance, he once mentioned that one can’t trust the intelligence community, but when there was a crisis he changed his tune about them.

“This guy has no consistency. It’s horrible enough for us American people to deal with it but imagine the effects on our allies who are trying to figure out exactly what’s gonna happen from one day to the next. This is why we’ve got miscalculations that lead to war,” the CNN commentator added.

The first family has received violent reactions and death threats from various netizens following the death of General Qassem Soleimani. Ivanka Trump’s posts on Instagram were flooded with vile comments with many threatening her that they will kill her dad. One netizen even warned Ivana to prepare herself from mourning.

Meanwhile, Melania Trump has nothing but praises when it comes to Trump’s leadership skills. The first lady is very confident in how Trump leads the nation. For the first lady, Trump is a “great leader” and an “amazing negotiator.” Even before Melania’s husband took the highest office, the first lady already said that Trump has what it takes to be an “amazing president.”