Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have faced much public scrutiny, and the Duke of Sussex is reportedly feeling “guilty” for not being able to shield his wife from the public eye.

Though being an actress helped Meghan figure out how to handle the press to an extent, nothing ever prepared her for worldwide attention. For the last several months, rumors that she is “difficult” and too demanding have been circulating along with reports of a feud with sister-in-law Kate Middleton. It hasn’t been easy for Meghan to deal with.

“Meghan has so much on her plate, between being pregnant and dealing with the public backlash and she’s finding the whole situation incredibly stressful,” an insider said in the Jan. 21 issue of Us Weekly (via Daily Mail).

Prince Harry, who wants to make sure his pregnant wife is comfortable in her new life, also feels that stress. “[Prince Harry is] very frustrated with how little can be done,” the source added. “Keeping [Meghan] away from the negativity and harm has been hard for him. It’s been his purpose in their relationship to keep her away from the negativity.”

The insider claims that Harry feels “guilty” because Meghan is “miserable.”

Harry has reportedly been looking for ways to stop the bad press about Meghan, even asking his father for help. Prince Charles is said to have a soft spot for the Duchess of Sussex after walking her down the aisle at her May wedding.

Now, royal sources have told that Meghan is great to work for and that she’s actually very happy to take guidance from royal experts at the Palace. While the pace is a bit slower than she is used to, staffers say she is a good boss.