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Season 2 of Modern Family just got over. The Dumphy and Pritchett families have taken a bow and will be back with renewed vigor in Season 3. Here's revisiting the crazy yet totally lovable characters of our favorite family drama.

Jay Pritchett (Ed O'Neill)

The patriarch of the family, Jay, lives with his much younger Columbian wife Gloria and stepson Manny. Gloria often gets mistaken for Jay's daughter causing him much embarrassment. A successful businessman, he appears to be tough on the outside but loves each member of his extended clan dearly. He has frequent clashes with Gloria and Manny because of their strong Columbian culture which he sometimes cannot understand. He respects his stepson and treats him like an adult, often taking his advice on how to deal with Gloria. Jay has not completely come to terms with his son, Mitchell, being gay.

Gloria Pritchett (Sofia Vergara)

This Columbian beauty is a loving wife and mother. Her voluptuous figure, lovely face, and strong Columbian accent make her a joy to watch on the show. She often mispronounces and mishears English words creating funny moments ('doggie-dog world' instead of 'dog-eat-dog world'). She is fiercely protective and proud of her Columbian heritage and very religious.

Manny Delgado (Rico Rodgiguez II)

Manny is Gloria's 11-year-old son who is mature well beyond his age. He does adult-like things like asking out older girls, giving his stepdad advice on his mom, and having discussions with Claire on her kids. He is an excellent fencer.

Claire Dunphy (Julie Bowen)

Claire, Jay's daughter, was once a wild-child and wants to ensure her kids don't make the mistakes she did. She is full of energy, and will do anything to keep the peace between her 3 children. A stay-at-home mom, Claire has a wonderful relationship with her husband but gets exhausted juggling time and energy between her kids Haley, Alex, and Luke. Claire most often is the one who gets the entire family together for functions and also gives parenting advice to her brother, Mitchell.

Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell)

Married to Claire for 16 years, Phil is the perfect husband - supportive and loving. A real estate agent by profession, he is a people person and gets along with everyone. Phil considers himself a 'cool dad' and will go to great lengths to be a 'hero' to his children. He practices the self-adopted method of 'peerenting', a combination of talking like a peer and behaving like a parent.

Haley, Alex, and Luke Dunphy

Haley is 15, not particularly intelligent, obsessive about her looks and popularity at school, and often embarrassed by her parents.

Alex is 13 and super-intelligent. She often takes advantage of her siblings' low intellect by making them do crazy things. She is an overachiever, trying to excel in whatever she does.

Luke at 10 years, is a bit low on commonsense. He often gets into trouble - like getting his head stuck in the banister.

Mitchell Pritchett (Jessse Tyler Ferguson)

Mitchell is Jay's gay son who is mild-mannered and soft-spoken. He is completely open about his homosexuality and is ready to break into a speech at the slightest sign of homophobia from anyone. An attorney by profession, he enjoys musical theater. He is very protective of his adopted daughter, Lily.

Cameron Scott Tucker (Eric Stonestreet)

Cam is Mitchell's partner of 5 years. His outgoing nature and flamboyance are a perfect foil to Mitchell's quiet ways. He has varied interests - sports, Japanese flower arrangement, and filming home movies. He is an excellent drummer and a trained clown, calling himself 'Fizbo'. Presently he is stay-at-home dad to adopted daughter Lily. He is a worrisome dad and gets overly dramatic about anything concerning Lily.