Windows 8 Tablet vs. iPad 2: ‘User Experience is Fundamentally Different’
Windows 8 Tablet vs. iPad 2: ‘User Experience is Fundamentally Different’. REUTERS

If the latest news is to be believed, Acer and Lenovo, in association with Windows 8, are believed to be working on tablets based on Intel’s Clover Trail processor and are expected to arrive after June.

According to the reports, Clover Trail, an Atom chip, is slated for release in the second half of the year, which is about the same time that Windows 8 is expected to make its mark. Intel is also expected to provide a glimpse of its Clover Trail-based prototype tablets that will run Windows 8 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) later this month.

The company is also said to unveil its upcoming “Medfield” chip which has been developed to improve the performance of the Android-based tablets. The processors are believed to have scored amazingly in Android benchmarking tests, going past Qualcomm Snapdragon, Samsung Exynos and Nvidia Tegra 2 chip.

Windows 8, the next generation OS from Microsoft, is expected to run on both Intel and AMD chips, as well as ARM, which is a first for a Microsoft operating system, according to a CNET report.