• Dawn Renee Wynn was out on bail for murdering Harold Lee Wynn in November 2021
  • She left a note at her mother's house claiming to be suicidal and disappeared in August
  • The woman's daughter said the note was a ruse, accused her of being an abusive mother

A Missouri woman who went missing while awaiting trial for allegedly shooting her husband was arrested Monday. The murder suspect, who vanished after leaving a note at her mother's house, was taken into custody two months after her disappearance, reports said.

Dawn Renee Wynn, 48, went missing in August while she was out on bail, pending trial for allegedly murdering her husband, Harold Lee Wynn, 51. Harold was shot in the back of his head while he was asleep at the couple's home in Missouri on Nov. 16, 2021.

Dawn was ordered to stay at her mother's residence in Arkansas as part of her bail conditions when she went missing, Koam News Now reported.

U.S. Marshals took Dawn into custody Monday from a motel or hotel in Vigo County, Indiana, McDonald County Sheriff said, as reported by Law & Crime.

When Dawn disappeared from her mother's house in August, she left a note saying she was suicidal. Officials declared the suspect a possible danger to herself. However, Dawn's daughter, Savannah Wynn, said her mother was definitely on the run and used the "suicide note" as a diversion.

"She's not just a missing person," Savannah said during an earlier interview with the outlet.

Savannah claimed Dawn was verbally and psychologically abusive to her children while they were growing up. Savannah called her mother a "coward" and said she was "too selfish" to kill herself, reports said.

Meanwhile, responding to the news of her arrest, Savannah told the outlet that it would bring closure and justice to the family. "She needs to pay for what she has done and put us kids through, and that we all, including my dad and his family, deserve justice and closure."

Harold's ex-wife, Melanie Thomas said she was "beyond excited" at the news of the arrest. "It is time for Justice to be served on a man that loved his family and would do anything for anyone. If she were not guilty of killing him, she would have never run. God has answered so many prayers for his children and his family by this capture," Thomas said.

Dawn was held without bond at the Vigo County Jail, court records revealed.

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