A woman in Taiwan said a child at her son’s preschool caught her attention for sharing an uncanny resemblance with her husband. She later found out that the child’s father was, in fact, the man she was married to.

“My husband’s mistress’ daughter attends the same kindergarten as my son,” the woman said in the title of a post shared on an online forum called Breaking News Commune APP- Anonymous Commune, The New Paper reported Wednesday.

The woman revealed that she had spotted her husband's mistress with a little girl when was dropping her son to school one day. She noticed the preschooler bore resemblance to her husband only to discover later that the girl's father was indeed the man she was married to.

In her post, the woman said she was pregnant with her son about five years ago when she confronted her husband about his affair. The man and his mistress begged her for forgiveness and also assured her that they would cease all contact with each other, she said.

The unsuspecting woman found out years later that her husband had fathered a child behind her back, according to NextShark.

Five years since she uncovered the affair, the woman wrote that the mistress “still lives in the same town as me, and she gave birth to a girl.”

When she confronted her husband yet again, the man refused to accept that the child was his, the woman revealed. “I asked him if the child was his and he didn't reply. I asked him if he was still in contact with the mistress secretly, and he even called me 'crazy' [while] not answering me,” she wrote.

The husband shoved her to the ground instead of comforting her as she broke down after the shocking discovery, the woman shared in the post.

Distraught, and pregnant with her second child, the woman added that she had moved out of the house and will be staying with her parents until she gives birth.

“I don’t care that I’m pregnant for more than 6 months, my heart is suddenly cold and it turns out that all of this has been a lie,” she wrote in an update. "Lying to me for 5 years when I think about it. They’ve been sneaking around all the time and I’m going to break down.”

The husband came by the house she was staying at begging for her forgiveness. “Whether I forgive him, I shall wait and see,” she wrote.

Representative image Credit: Pixabay / Skitterphoto