A man in India allegedly set his wife on fire after she asked him to share his food with her. While engulfed in flames, the woman hugged her husband and left him with severe burns. Both of them succumbed to their injuries.

The incident occurred in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The husband, identified as Karunakaran, 74, lived alone with his wife, Padmavathy, 70, according to the Times of India (TOI).

The couple reportedly had an altercation Monday night after Karunakaran came home with some food he bought at a restaurant. A heated argument broke out when Padmavathy found him eating by himself and asked him to share it with her, the woman told cops before she was pronounced dead.

An enraged Karunakaran allegedly poured kerosene all over his wife and set her ablaze, according to News18.

While she was completely engulfed in flames and screaming in pain, Padmavathy reportedly hugged her husband and made him suffer with her.

Neighbors told the police they rushed to the couple's house when they heard the screams from their residence. The couple was found unconscious, and both their bodies were covered in severe burns.

The two were rushed to the hospital and provided treatment in the ICU, TOI reported. the woman had suffered 65 percent burns while the man was covered in 50 percent burns.

Padmavathy gave the police her account of the story a few hours before she succumbed to her injuries Tuesday. Karunakaran, who was also in critical condition, passed away Wednesday morning.

The couple experienced loneliness as they lived alone, despite having four children together, and struggled with mental health issues, according to the cops.

Neighbors reportedly said the husband and wife seemed depressed because they had no one to take care of them, adding that they were frequently heard fighting with each other.

An unrelated incident was reported from India this week after a man set his estranged wife, her lover, and the couple's 10-month-old baby on fire. The woman and the man were rushed to the hospital for treatment, but the infant did not survive.

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