An Indian woman was arrested for allegedly plotting the murder of her mother after she threatened to disown her.

The accused woman, Devyani, initially tried to pass off her mother’s death as a robbery incident gone wrong. But on repeated questioning, the 24-year-old woman admitted to getting her mother killed with the help of her boyfriend’s friend, who was also arrested.

The family dispute began over an extra-marital affair that Devyani had with her boyfriend. She is married to another man and also shares a 4-year-old son with him. However, she left her husband and began living with her boyfriend. This irked her 55-year-old mother, who refused to support her financially and threatened to disown her from the property if she didn’t go back to her husband, according to the Times of India.

Police were called Saturday to the mother’s residence in Delhi and officers found her body lying in a pool of blood. The woman's throat was slit but she was still wearing her gold chain and rings. At first, Devyani claimed her mother was killed by two masked robbers who entered the house with a handgun and murdered her mother before leaving with jewelry and cash.

“During investigation, her daughter, who was at the spot, claimed that at 9.30 pm two masked men forcefully entered the house and killed her mother during a robbery,” a police officer said, according to the outlet.

Investigators did not find any signs of a struggle inside the room and found Devyani constantly changing her story about the series of events. Upon repeated questioning, the daughter finally admitted that she and her boyfriend's friend killed her mother.

Police said Devyani admitted to hatching a plan with her boyfriend’s friend, who was reportedly infatuated with her and agreed to help her.

Prior to the murder, “Devyani gave tea mixed with sleeping pills to her mother and maternal uncle…” police said, according to NDTV. After both of them lost consciousness, Devyani called her boyfriend’s friend to the house. The man “killed the woman by slitting her throat with a surgical blade and threw it out from the window,” police added.

Devyani then gave the jewelry and cash to the boyfriend’s friend, who then fled from the scene, police added.

Both the daughter and her boyfriend’s friend were arrested. Police also found the surgical blade used in the murder as well as the jewelry and cash that the accomplice escaped with. The investigation is continuing.

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