Many people get inked to honor their loved ones, but this daddy’s little girl went out of her way to get a ‘talking tattoo’ that plays her late father’s voice from beyond the grave.

Mother of two, Yvette Moore, got the tattoo on her left arm to honor her late father Michael Goto who died of cancer in 2013, fearing she might forget his voice. Moore did her research about a soundwave tattoo that plays sound aloud using a special app, reported The Independent.

She decided to get it done immediately as it was the perfect way to keep alive the memory of her father.

Now, the forty-year-old can simply hold her mobile over the inking on her left forearm and listen to the message Goto left for his grandchildren- “Hi babies, thank you, I feel better already. I love you. I’ll see you when I get back to the house. Bye Bye.”

Moore is beyond happy that her father is now immortalized and she can hear him whenever she wishes to.

“After he died, I did worry about forgetting his voice. The last thing I wanted was for my memories of him dwindle. But now he’s immortalized and I can hear him whenever I need to. It’s nice for Abigail and Michael, who is named after my dad, to hear their granddad's voice too,” Yahoo News quoted Moore as saying.

“I was close to my dad. We spent so much time together going swimming and on fishing trips. He taught me all these skills like DIY and fixing my car- as well as emotional things like how to be strong and independent,” she further added.

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