A San Francisco woman is hoping to reunite with her pet French Bulldog that was abducted by a group of men in a vehicle in the Marina District on Saturday morning. The woman jumped on the suspects’ car and tried to stop them but helplessly watched as they drove away with her 9-month-old pet.

On the day of what police described as a “violent robbery,” the pet owner was out walking her dog named Rosie at around 10 a.m. near Broderick & Beach in the Marina, according to KPIX CBS SF Bay Area. Suddenly, a silver Chrysler 200 arrived with three men inside, and one of them jumped out of the vehicle. The woman was ambushed and watched Rosie being dragged into the car.

"They were coming at her and at the last minute they changed direction and grabbed Rosie's leash out of her hand and dragged her into their car,” the female victim’s daughter told ABC7. “My mom jumped on the hood of the car but they still got away."

An audio clip of the robbery, shared by Reporter Dion Lim, included the woman’s screams as her beloved dog was being snatched.

Rosie’s family said they were aware of such crimes taking place, where French Bulldogs are abducted in similar fashion. However, they did not expect Rosie to be a victim of such an incident.

As they wait to find any information on Rosie or her whereabouts, the family remains concerned about how her abductors might be treating her, especially because of the brazen manner in which they captured her.

The family also shared a message offering a reward for Rosie.

"We appreciate everyone who has been on the lookout so far,” the message said. “We've gotten many messages which has been amazing, ultimately we hope whoever has Rosie will come forward in exchange for the $10,000 reward that we're offering."

The San Francisco Police Department Investigations Bureau are currently on the lookout for Rosie’s captors and asked the public to come forward with any information that can lead to their arrests. They also noted that the silver Chrysler 200, which the suspects drove away in, had a partial plate of "7JPM."

Rosie's family also asked anyone with helpful information to call 650-275-3446.

Representative image Credit: Pixabay