A woman wearing a dress in the colors of Ukraine's flag made a statement on the Cannes red carpet by pouring fake blood on herself.

The apparent anti-war protester was quickly escorted down the stairs and hurled away by security guards during the famous festival in the south of France.

The incident took place at the Cannes Film Festival on Sunday, just before the premiere of the film "Acide," which was directed by French filmmaker Just Philippot, Insider reported.

Ahead of the screening, the woman was seen on the stairs on the Cannes 2023 red carpet wearing blue heels and a blue and yellow dress, akin to the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

The woman paused on the steps before reaching into the neckline of her outfit and pulling out two bags that appeared to contain fake blood. She then proceeded to burst the capsules over her head and allowed the red liquid to drip all over herself. Some of the liquid also streamed onto the red carpet she was standing on.

The woman smeared the fake blood on her face and torso before a security guard hastily brought her down the staircase, according to The Telegraph.

The smiling woman was captured on film being dragged away from the location while photographers continued trying to take a picture.

A similar incident involving an anti-war protester also took place at the Cannes Film Festival last year. At the time, the protester emerged on the red carpet and undressed in front of the festival's photographers.

The words "Stop raping us" were then seen painted on the woman's upper body as she stood topless on the red carpet. Colors of the Ukrainian flag were also painted on her body along with red paint that appeared to look like blood.

"Don't rape us," the woman reportedly yelled, seemingly as a response to a number of reports at the time that accused Russian soldiers of subjecting Ukrainian women to sexual violence.

Security guards wrapped the woman with a jacket before escorting her away.

Last year, the Cannes Film Festival implemented a ban that said Russian delegations or film companies connected to the Russian government were not allowed to participate in the festival. The ban continues this year as well.

The national flag of Ukraine flies over the town of Kramatorsk, Ukraine November 25, 2021.
The national flag of Ukraine flies over the town of Kramatorsk, Ukraine November 25, 2021. Reuters / VALENTYN OGIRENKO