• Sixteen fake electors, who tried to overturn election results, were subpoenaed
  • Eleven of these individuals were earlier described as "witnesses" in the investigation
  • Appearances begin July 25, and all of them can be prosecuted

Sixteen Republican voters, who allegedly cast fake ballots in Donald Trump's favor at the Georgia state Capitol in 2020, are going to face criminal investigation and can be prosecuted, revealed court filings Tuesday.

The 16 individuals have now been sent "target" letters by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis' office as part of the grand jury investigation into the then-president's attempt to overturn the election results. They had all assembled at the Capitol to support Trump's agenda to undo his defeat against Biden. Earlier, 11 of these electors were just named as "witnesses," and the letters now state their status were changed to "target."

It was previously reported two of Georgia's bigwigs -- Sen. Burt Shafer and Republican Party chairperson David Shafer -- had received the letters, according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Additionally, 14 other electors are going to be facing prosecution and possible indictment. Their names have been revealed for the first time -- Mark Amick, Joseph Brannan, Ken Carroll, Brad Carver, Vicki Consiglio, John Downey, Carolyn Fisher, Kay Godwin, David Hanna, Mark Hennessy, Cathleen Latham, Daryl Moody, Shawn Still, and C.B. Yadav.

All of them have been served with subpoenas, and appearances begin July 25.

"Each of the sixteen persons who signed the unofficial Elector Certificate ultimately submitted to the National Archives received a similar target letter alerting, that person both that his testimony was required by the special purpose grand jury and that he was a target of the investigation," the document read, reported CNN.

Along with these 16 voters, Sen. Brandon Beach received a similar letter for helping to organize the voting ceremony and acting as a mediator between the Trump campaign and electors.

Attorneys for the 11 electors, who are now being treated as "targets," have challenged the subpoenas, saying the appearances are "unreasonable and oppressive." They've called Willis' letter a "publicity stunt" in court records filed Tuesday.

"The unavoidable conclusion is that the nominee electors' change of status was not precipitated by new evidence or an honestly-held belief that they have criminal exposure but instead an improper desire to force them to publicly invoke their rights as, at best, a publicity stunt," the court filing stated.

A special grand jury began investigations into Trump and his allies' role in attempting to overturn the election results on June 1. Willis' investigation is focused on determining whether these fake electors along with Trump engaged in a larger criminal conspiracy in order to swing the results.

Former US president Donald Trump allegedly said his vice president Mike Pence deserved to be hanged
Former US president Donald Trump allegedly said his vice president Mike Pence deserved to be hanged AFP / JIM WATSON