The powerful earthquake that struck Mexico City Tuesday afternoon plunged the sprawling capital in utter chaos and devastation.

Anguish has replaced the city's once lively and flamboyant atmosphere and despite the panic to have died down, Mexican locals are gripped with fear over the possibility of another disaster.

So far 18 aftershocks were recorded and Further ones could be expected in the next 24 hours, BBC quoted Carlos Valdes Gonzalez, Mexico's director of seismological service, as saying.

Though no deaths were reported, at least eleven people were believed to be injured, Reuters said.

The areas most affected were Guerrero and Oaxaca, two southern states close to the epicenter. Nearly a thousand homes and buildings in these regions were reportedly damaged and several people were injured.

Local media reported a collapsed bridge that fell onto a passenger vehicle on the outskirts of the city. So far no serious injuries were reported.

According to the report, patients from damaged hospitals in the underlying areas were now evacuated to makeshift clinics. Telephone lines and power lines were ripped as people fled to the streets at the time of the quake.

Catastrophe modeling firm Eqecat has estimated that the total economic loss for the 7.4 magnitude earthquake will not exceed $100 million, the report added.

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