Stray Kids
Stray Kids at the "Lollapalooza Paris" @Stray_Kids/Twitter


  • Stray Kids dominated the top 9 list with a total of four songs on the list
  • Stray Kids topped the chart with "God's Menu," followed by ENHYPEN's "Fever" and "Drunk-Dazed"
  • Other fourth-generation K-pop boy groups that made it to the list include TXT and TREASURE

The fourth generation of male K-pop groups is continuously gaining massive attention in South Korea and internationally. But some K-pop groups stood out above the rest, as most of their songs entered the top of the most-streamed tracks on the streaming giant.

Below is the list of the top 9 most-streamed fourth-generation K-pop boy group songs on Spotify, courtesy of Twitter pop culture accounts @AboutMusicYT and @viraltakes.

1. "God's Menu" by Stray Kids

Released in 2020, "Gods Menu" reigns supreme among other K-pop hits by male groups, accumulating a staggering 277,664,378 streams. The track was the lead single of Stray Kids' first full-length album, "Go Live." Its music video currently has 412 million views on YouTube.

2. "Fever" by ENHYPEN

"Fever" was one of the songs that skyrocketed ENHYPEN into fame, though it was released as a B-side for its second mini album, "BORDER: CARNIVAL." With a total of 258,745,228, it could be considered the biggest track of its career.

3. "Drunk-Dazed" by ENHYPEN

ENHYPEN earned the third top spot on this list with "Drunk-Dazed," garnering a staggering 213,827,575 streams on Spotify. It was released as the main track for "BORDER: CARNIVAL" two years ago, and it was popular for its vampire-themed music video. As of late, its music video has about 112 million views on YouTube.

4. "Maniac" by Stray Kids

Stray Kids continues to prove that it has one of the best discographies among male K-pop groups that debuted in 2018, as "Maniac" reached rank No. 4 on this list with 211,962,808 streams. "Maniac" was released in 2022 as part of the mini album, "Oddinary," which topped Billboard's Global 200 at the time.

5. "Polaroid Love" by ENHYPEN

"Polaroid Love" gained massive attention on TikTok after a fan with the handle @reeeiner created his own dance challenge to the song, garnering about 606,900 videos using the song across the platform. "Polaroid Love" currently has 211,125,590 streams on Spotify.

6. "0X1= LOVESONG" by Tomorrow x Together (TXT)

Tomorrow x Together introduced a new genre into its discography, releasing a punk rock song titled "0X1= LOVESONG." Co-written by BTS' RM and Bang Si-Hyuk — professionally known as Hitman Bang — the song has collected about 209 million streams on the streaming giant.

7. "Thunderous" by Stray Kids

Released in 2021, "Thunderous" is part of Stray Kids' second studio album, "Noeasy." Known for its upbeat sound and explosive rap parts, it currently has about 198 million streams on Spotify. It was written by members Bang Chan, Changbin and Han — collectively known as the sub-unit 3RACHA.

8. "Back Door" by Stray Kids

Stary Kids is dominating the top 9 list since it now has a total of four songs with the most streams. "Back Door" served as the title track of Stray Kids' repackaged album "In Life," released back in 2020. As of late, the song has collected about 196 million streams.

9. "Darari" by TREASURE

Written and composed by former TREASURE member Bang Ye-dam, "Darari" earned the last spot on this list with 182 million streams. The song was released as a B-side to the mini album, "The Second Step: Chapter 1" in 2022. Unfortunately, it was the last album that featured Ye-dam and Mashiho before they left the group and YG Entertainment in the same year.