• UFO expert Scott Waring claimed to have spotted alien substance on Mars
  • Photo of the alleged substance was captured by the Curiosity rover
  • Waring believes the strange substance could be alien fungus

A UFO expert claimed to have spotted a white-colored alien substance in a photo taken by NASA’s current mission on Mars. According to the expert, the substance could be a type of fungus growing on the Red Planet.

Claims about an alleged alien substance on Mars was made by Scott Waring in a recent blog post published on ET Data Base. The UFO expert said that he came across images of the strange substance while he was viewing a photo featured on Gigapan, a website that features high-quality pictures of Mars.

As indicated in the photo, it was taken by NASA’s current mission on Mars, which is the Curiosity rover. The rover took the image on SOL 1470, which is equivalent to Sept. 23, 2016, on Earth.

The image mainly features a rocky terrain on Mars. While viewing, Waring came across a strange-looking object on one of the rock in the photo.

The object has a whitish color, which makes it look like a thick layer of web covering a space underneath the rock. According to Waring, it could be a type of artificial wall that was created in order to cover up hollow spaces.

The UFO expert then speculated that the strange substance might have been created by an alien that was hibernating within the rock.

“This leads me to believe that the substance is used as a wall or door while some animal hibernates within for safety or to stay cooler during the hot days on Mars,” he stated in a blog post.

Aside from being an artificial wall, Waring also believes that the white substance could be some type of alien fungus that grows in certain environments on Mars. According to the expert, this kind of substance tends to grow in cool areas.

“There is also the possibility that the white substance is a fungus growing in some cooler locations below the rocks,” he stated.

Despite Waring’s speculations regarding the nature of the alleged alien substance, NASA or the team behind the Curiosity rover did not release a statement to address or acknowledge his claims.

SOL 1470
This image was taken by MAST_LEFT onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 1470 (2016-09-24T13:24:09.000Z) NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS