David Lazar, the current rabbi of Stockholm's Jewish community and a U.S. immigrant, has won the Straight Person of the Year award instituted by a Swedish gay magazine.

Sweden's QX Magazine honored Lazar last week with the Årets Hetero (This year's hetero (sexual)) award for advocating the cause of gay community, at a star-studded event, Gaygalan, which he attended with his wife.

Lazar joked to the Times of Israel about bringing his wife to receive a heterosexual award: I realized that if I get this, I'd better look the part and show up with a woman.

Lazar, 54, and a father of five, had earlier received an award from Israel's gay community too for advocating gay equality.

The magazine also honored winners of other nominations including Gay/Bi/Trans Person of the Year.

Born This Way by Lady Gaga won the best foreign song award.


This year's gay/bi/trans: Anton Hysén

This year's hetero: David Lazar

This year's Keep up the good work: Ulrika Westerlund, RFSL

QX Honor Price: Foundation Expo

This year's artist: Laleh

This year's TV show: So much the better

This year's TV star: Roy Phares

The year's film Kiss Me

This year's book: Rickard Engfors: All or Nothing

This year's duo: Judit & Judit, Freeserve

This year's scene: Angels in America, Stockholm City Theatre

This year's Swedish song: Loreen: My heart is refusing me

Best foreign song: Lady Gaga: Born this Way

This year's club: Paradise Sthlm

This year's restaurant/bar/cafe: Bee Bar

This year's party organizers: Katja & Gunn

This year's haul: Diamond Dogs

This year's I do not believe my eyes: Straight Invasion of Pride