Angelina Jolie's right leg made an Oscar debut on Sunday, awkwardly exposed in its full bare glory through the slit of her black gown. Photos of Jolie's daring pose instantly went viral, and her leg received a Twitter account of its own that rapidly attracted thousands of followers.

Angelina Jolie-ing quickly became a meme with thousands of people taking photos flashing their right leg and posting it online. The Twitter handle @angiesleg was created on Tuesday and received 36,000 followers on its first day. On Wednesday, the Twitter handle @angiesleftleg was also created.

Great meeting most of you for the first time last night at the Oscars!!, Angelina's right leg said Monday on Twitter, adding, Left leg and I talked - everything's cool. Next Oscars, she gets the slit, Angiesleg tweeted.

Other celebrity body parts @Angiesleg is following include J'Lo's nipple and Bradley Cooper's mustache.

J'Lo's nipple was another body part that made headlines at the Oscars. Although the singer's stylist says it is impossible that Jennifer Lopez had a nip slip on Sunday, many viewers claim to have seen her nipple. Her Stylist, Mariel Haenn, told People Magazine that J'Lo's custom Zuhair Murad gown had special cups that prevented any possible slips.

The Twitter handle @JLosNipple only has 5,546 followers, but has already sent out 122 Tweets since the apparent nip slip, on Sunday.

Get your facts right, JLosNipple was born before AngiesRightleg, the body part imitator tweeted. There are a lot of issues in the US right now but I think nipple suffocation has to be at the top of the list. Tweaking awareness nip by nip, the Twitter user added.

A twitter page dedicated to Bradley Cooper's mustache was also created after the Oscars. The following is considerably less than that of Lopez's nipple or Angelina's leg, but did reach over a thousand followers. 1000 followers, one small step for a mustache, one giant step for facial hair, was the most recent tweet from the account.

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