Married Atlanta pastor Craig Lamar Davis is facing allegations of having affairs with two women and not telling them that he has HIV.

Davis, head of the Full Gospel Baptist Church in Atlanta, was arrested July 22 on reckless endangerment charges and released from the Fulton County Jail on $1,500 bond July 24, according to public records. He has not responded to the claims of affairs or that he is HIV positive.

While it's been more than a month since Davis was arrested, the allegations first surfaced Tuesday after one of the women who made the claims contacted

Ronita McAfee said she met Davis on Facebook and began having an affair with the married pastor. She claimed Davis never notified her that he was HIV positive.

"Mr. Davis shows no regard for the human life as it relates to his HIV positive status and having sexual contact with men and/or women," McAfee wrote in an e-mail to the website.  "This email is only for informational purposes and to let the people of the church know because it is alleged that Mr. Davis has been sexually rampant in the church."

McAfee sent a photo of what appears to be an HIV test she took in Atlanta. The test results show that she is HIV negative.

The Atlanta woman said she sent the e-mail so it could be passed on to the senior pastor at the church and encourage any women who may have had a sexual relationship with Davis to get tested.

"Mr. Craig Lamar Davis is a master manipulator: women have bought him cars, relocated and purchased homes under the impression that he was going to marry them, bought him countless suits and accessories (i.e. watches, ties, jewelry, shoes, etc.), given him their food stamp cards every month as if he's entitled, depleted their checking and savings account on his behalf, etc. and he expects nothing less," she wrote. "He lurks at the church for his prey for some odd reason or another."

While the allegations against Davis have not been proven, it didn't stop Twitter users from condemning the pastor on the social media site.

"Pastor Craig Lamar Davis, you should be ashamed of yourself. Disgraceful!!" wrote @derochedynasty.

"Sad situation cant trust the pastor who can u trust," said @Kandylena.

"Craig Lamar Davis that pastor should rot it hell! Passing aids around trying to hurt others Smh," opined @Wise_BeyondYRS.