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  • Attrakt reportedly applied for trademark rights for FIFTY FIFTY's name in the U.S., the U.K., China and Japan
  • FIFTY FIFTY's label reportedly won the trademark rights for the group name in the four countries
  • FIFTY FIFTY members will need Attrakt's permission to promote under their group name abroad

Attrakt has reportedly won the trademark rights for FIFTY FIFTY's group name.

According to a report by Munhwa Ilbo, Attrakt, FIFTY FIFTY's label, applied for trademark rights for the group name of the "Cupid" singer in Korea earlier this July. On Tuesday, it was found that Attrakt won the trademark rights for FIFTY FIFTY's name in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and China.

With this, it will be difficult for the FIFTY FIFTY members to promote in those four countries without Attrakt's consent.

"Like the names BTS and BLACKPINK, each group's name reveals their identity. If a newcomer who debuted less than a year ago can't use that trademark, the range of activities will inevitably be greatly reduced," a music industry official said.

The music industry official added that using a trademark without rights in overseas countries can lead to a massive lawsuit.

In related news, FIFTY FIFTY's royalty payments for its hit song "Cupid" are reportedly withheld by the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) until copyright issues surrounding the group's hit song get settled.

KOMCA, which typically distributes domestic royalty payments every quarter, can decide to withhold a song's royalty payments if it gets embroiled in copyright issues, according to Allkpop.

A previous report by Ten Asia claimed FIFTY FIFTY could earn over $2 million for the viral success of its song "Cupid."

Meanwhile, one industry insider predicted that FIFTY FIFTY would get paid at least 3 billion KRW (~$2.31 million). But other insiders predicted that the group could even receive over 10 billion KRW (~$7.70 million) as a final settlement, according to Koreaboo.

However, with the issues between FIFTY FIFTY and Attrakt remaining unsettled, the royalty payments for "Cupid" were put on hold.

The FIFTY FIFTY members took legal action against their label Attrakt over an alleged breach of contract and betrayal of trust, while Attrakt previously filed a lawsuit against producer Ahn Sung Il and his production team, The Givers, for allegedly being the "outside force" to poach the members of the South Korean girl group.

The Givers countersued, claiming that any rumors of poaching have nothing to do with the production team. Ahn's production company further clarified that the copyrights to FIFTY FIFTY's songs were obtained through a fair, legal process.

FIFTY FIFTY is a four-member South Korean girl group that debuted in 2022. It is composed of Sio, Saena, Aran and Keena.

The group's viral hit single "Cupid," released on Feb. 24, made it to Rolling Stone's list of "The Best Songs of 2023 So Far."

It was among the four K-Pop songs that made it to the list, alongside "OMG" by NewJeans, "Like Crazy" by BTS' Jimin and "Flower" by BLACKPINK's Jisoo.

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