• The family arrived back home after a shopping trip
  • The shooting happened while the little girl was about to doodle with chalk on the sidewalk
  • The little girl was taken to a hospital but released on the same night

A 5-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital Monday night after a bullet grazed her head while playing on the sidewalk right in front of her home in Brooklyn, New York.

The incident reportedly took place at around 6 p.m. just when the family that the little girl belonged to arrived back home after a shopping trip. The little girl had some chalk as she was ready to draw all over the sidewalk. However, that was when a shooter fired six shots.

The father of the little girl told New York Daily News that the family was exiting the car before the shots were being fired. He said that the little girl got out of the car before everyone else with her chalk in her hand as she went to draw on the sidewalk. 

According to the New York Post, the father said that after the shots were fired, the little girl turned and felt pain in her head. He stated that the bullet grazed her head and left a slice on it.

The girl had medics rush her to Brookdale University Hospital where she was brought to a stable condition. She was released from the hospital the same night.

The family is looking to move out of that neighborhood due to that incident that endangered the little girl’s life.

The father, who owns a nearby business, said that he doesn’t know how to feel other than feeling lucky. He wondered what would’ve happened if the bullet went in any other way by a small distance. “Don’t get me thinking about it,” said the little girl’s father.

An unnamed witness told the New York Daily News that the shooter “was just shooting down the street.” The witness said, ”I thought he was bugging. There was like six shots.” 

The police are still looking for the shooter as they conduct their investigation into the shooting.

A month before this random shooting,  a man in Brooklyn was shot to death in front of his mother. The man was arriving back home after trying to visit his friend at the police station when he was ambushed.

bullet When a hollow-point bullet strikes a soft target, the pressure caused the tip of the bullet to fan outwards. The resulting shape is a widened, rounded nose that resembles a mushroom. Photo: Creative Commons