Luxury fashion house Burberry has reported consistent double digit revenue growth for the first half of the year. The growth has been reported in retail, wholesale and almost all product categories of the brand.

Despite the prevailing dire situation of economic uncertainty in Europe, Burberry has managed to maintain the consistency of the brand's growth momentum.

The report released Nov.15, 2011 showed a 41 percent jump in the first-half net profit which is said to have been promoted by the company's rapid expansion program.

Burberry has delivered a strong first half, reflecting our continued investment in innovative design, digital marketing and retail strategies. This consistent performance, balanced across channels, regions and product divisions, is enabled by our closely connected global teams and creative thinking culture, stated Angela Ahrendts, chief executive officer of Burberry.

For their aggressive growth program, the company is primarily focusing on flagship markets like London, Hong Kong and Chicago.

Another fast growing market for the luxe brand is China which contributes a significant portion to the company's growth and expansion.

As we begin to see initial returns from five years of infrastructure investments, we are confident that this solid foundation will enable us to optimize both our strong brand momentum and the luxury sector's opportunities, especially in high-growth flagship and emerging markets, Ahrendts further mentioned.

Apart from Burberry, other luxury brands like LVMH, Hermes and Hugo Boss have also reported strong sales figures for the first half of the year.