Burger King unveiled a host of new items to jazz up their outdated menu last week, but one Nashville location is privy to a delicious treat that's not available anywhere else: the Burger King Bacon Sundae.

According to the Burger King Bacon Sundae ad, vanilla ice cream is drizzled with fudge sauce and topped with chunks of bacon. A slice of bacon is stuck in the sundae like a milkshake. The dessert costs $2.49.

Burger King released a statement about the development that was surprisingly subdued.

As part of Burger King Corp.'s normal course of business, the company is currently testing menu items in a small sampling of U.S. restaurants located in the Nashville area. The brand does not have plans to expand the test to additional markets at this time, read the statement sent to the Nashville Business Journal.

The news comes in the wake of smaller chains debuting bacon inspired desserts. Jack in the Box released a bacon shake in February. It is made with vanilla ice cream and bacon flavored syrup. A 16 oz. cup comes in at a whopping 773 calories. It is only available for a limited time.

Denny's introduced a Maple Bacon Sundae in March 2011 for their 'Baconalia' festival. The sundae was similar to Burger King's. It was made with vanilla ice cream with a sprinkle of diced hickory-smoked bacon on the top. Maple flavored syrup was also mixed in.

Besides the Burger King Bacon Shake, the Nashville location is also testing out sweet potato fries, frozen lemonade, and BBQ sandwiches in pork, grilled chicken, and beef wrote a tipster to GrubGrade.

There is no word yet if and when the Burger King Bacon Sundae will be available nationwide.