Anti-Trump political activists put on a light show Tuesday in Phoenix that illuminated the side of a mountain.

Activist groups, including Progress Arizona, Our Voice Our Vote Arizona and a handful of Latin American political action groups, collaborated to put the light show up on the area’s Camelback Mountain, a prominent landmark known for its hiking and rock climbing.

In both English and Spanish, “COVID deaths 224,601,” indicating the nation-wide death toll from the pandemic, and “Trump failed us” were among the messages projected onto the mountainside. The light show was later removed after starting at about 7 p.m. local time.

Emily Kirkland, the executive director of Progress Arizona, told the Arizona Republic the display was meant to put a spotlight on Trump’s first year in office.

“We hope it serves as a reminder to voters of how much is at stake this year,” she said.

It’s not the first time this month that Arizona grabbed headlines for messages against the president. Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins allegedly gave the middle finger to Trump supporters while whizzing his Ferrari down a state highway during the weekend.

The latest stunt comes just six days before Election Day.

Trump carried Arizona in 2016. However, Arizona is considered a battleground state in 2020 and Democrats are hoping to flip a U.S. Senate seat.

Republicans have carried Arizona in all but one presidential election since 1948. Arizona has 11 electoral votes.

Messages critical of President Trump displayed on Camelback Mountain in Phoenix.
Two more cases of measles were confirmed in Arizona on Tuesday, including one in Phoenix, in an ongoing outbreak linked to Disneyland in southern California. Creative Commons