Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony (C) smiles at Defense Counsel Cheney Mason and Dorothy Clay Sims, before her sentencing at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Florida, July 7, 2011. Reuters

The man Casey Anthony was dating when she conceived her murdered daughter is shopping a book proposal he says will shed light on the carnival of dysfunctionality that is the Anthony family.

The New York Post obtained a copy of Jesse Grund's proposal, which is being shopped by D.J. Snell at Legacy Management.

Grund, who says he was previously engaged to the accused child killer, claims to know what events in her life have molded her into the vilified Casey Anthony.

Anthony was acquitted on July 5 of murdering her two-year-old daugher Caylee Anthony, whose body was found in December 2008 -- five months after she was reported missing. Casey Anthony initially denied that her daughter was indeed missing, and was seen partying on multiple occassions shorty after Caylee disappeared.

Caylee Anthony's paternity remains a mystery, although Casey initially told Grund that he was the father in the summer of 2005, when the couple was engaged. The two began dating in January of that year, and Casey told him she was pregnant with his child via text message.

Grund attended Caylee's birth but paternity tests later ruled him out as the father.

Because of this and more, some believe that Caylee Anthony was a product of incest.

Grund claims in his book proposal that the story behind Caylee's disappearance and death has a deeper, darker unknown element to it.

Anthony's camp is accusing Grund of capitalizing on the publicity surrounded the trial.

I found Mr. Grund to be very interested in serving himself, a rep for Anthony's lawyer, Jose Baez, told the Post. Prosecutors told me that Jesse was upset that he wasn't called as a witness.

There have been many witnesses trying to exploit the situation, the rep continued. This is nothing new.