The prosecutor in the sensational Casey Anthony murder trial said he was expecting a guilty verdict.

Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton told a morning television audience that he was shocked and dismayed by the not guilty verdict that Casey Anthony received on the more serious charges,

Ashton, who will retire from the State Attorney’s Office, told Matt Lauer of NBC’s Today Show: I think I mouthed the word 'Wow' five times. This was a case where we honestly felt that if the jury saw what we saw, the result would have been a guilty verdict.

“Our thought on it had always been that if anybody could look at the photographs of how Caylee was found, and not conclude how she died from that, then so be it, he added.

However, Ashton complimented the legal skills and presentation of Casey Anthony's lead defense attorney, Jose Baez, saying he has the potential to be a great lawyer.

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