Celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman is offering up a solution to the Chris Brown-Drake fiasco that has captivated entertainment news headlines for the last three weeks.

Feldman, owner of the Celebrity Boxing Federation, has thrown a total of $2 million on the table for Chris Brown and Drake to claim if they choose to take their beef into the boxing ring.

While the feuding artists will be able to split the rewards and take home $1 million each, Feldman also says he has the financial backing of businessman Alki David. According to CNN, David has committed to donating another $1 million to a charity that helps abused women, if the fight takes place.

The match would consist of three rounds of one minute apiece with Drake and Chris Brown wearing oversized gloves and protective head gear.

He's received no response from the dueling musicians yet, but Feldman also says he's upping the ante by asking singer Rihanna to be a ring girl at the bout. He acknowledges she'll likely pass, CNN reports.

Feldman has made a name for himself by exploiting celebrity debacles like the Drake-Chris Brown incident. His resume boasts fights featuring ex-baseball outfielder Jose Canseco, Lindsay Lohan's dad Michael and the late Rodney King.

In the meantime, the NYPD is continuing the investigation of the June 15 incident at W.i.P Nightclub in the Soho ares of Manhttan, where a bottle-throwing brawl broke out.

According to reports, the fight started when members of Drake's entourage stopped Brown as he was leaving W.i.P. The melee escalated and bottles were thrown, police said.

Among the injured is three-time NBA champion and San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker.

Parker was at the nightclub when a glass shard from a thrown bottle penetrated 99 percent of his left eye, according to the Associated Press.

After going under the knife to have the shard removed, Parker posted an interview on his website saying, I almost lost my eye.

Eight others, including Chris Brown, his girlfriend and his bodyguard, were also injured.