Rihanna and Chris Brown
The Rihanna and Chris Brown rumors continue but this time sources have told the media that the "Birthday Cake" singer has warned that no one can keep her away from her ex. Rihanna is reportedly rebelling against Jay-Z and her management company, which has reportedly banned her from seeing Brown, fears that she might secretly record an album with Brown. REUTERS

Rihanna and Chris Breezy Brown may have found Love in a hopeless place, but it looks they may have to say goodbye for the time being.

Brown may be heading to prison over charges of breaking his probation and stealing a woman's iPhone out of her hands after she snapped a picture of him outside a Florida club.

Mediatakeout.com claimed yesterday that the charges had already been raised and it was only a matter of time before the Hip-Hop singer-rapper-dancer was behind bars, according to one source with impeccable credentials, but later revoked the claim, stating that the prosecutor is currently tied up in another case and is holding off on making public charges against Brown. However, the prosecutor plans to hold a press conference later this week, so stay tuned.

If convicted Brown could face up to five years in Florida prison, but either way his probation (which he earned for beating Rihanna three years ago) will most likely be revoked after the charges are filed. It looks like Breezy may be in jail by the end of the week.

Even if Brown ends up behind bars it may not mean the end of the Hip Hop stars' rocky relationship. Rihanna has stated that she will stand by her man regardless of what happends, Radar Online, spoke to one source who said, Chris told Rihanna that he absolutely 1000% didn't steal that phone, and Rihanna has told him she believes him. Rihanna has also told Chris that she will stand by him during the investigation, and whatever the future holds.

Will Rihanna stay with Brown even if he is sent to jail? It seems like Rihanna really does a soft spot for her on-again-off-again boyfriend. According to rumors the two would have gotten back together even sooner after their first breakup if not for the fact that Brown beat her face repeatedly, coupled with the dissaproval Rihanna knows her fans feel towards her reuniting with Brown. But none of that seems to matter now. Rihanna has defiantly supported Brown through the past few weeks, verbally attacking a Twitter user who criticized her for taking him back, and reportedly spending several hours in Chris Brown's dressing room at the 2012 Grammys, before coming out of the room looking disheveled and sporting a coy smile.

The future may look dark for Brown for the time being he's keeping his spirits up, and was caught on video happily dancing and singing to a Rihanna song at a club last weekend, click for video.

Chris Brown Heading to Jail? c/o MediaTakeOut.com