Jaree Strozier, from her Facebook page.

Rihanna caused quite a commotion on Twitter last night when she responded to a fan's criticism of her recent musical collaboration with ex- (and possibly current) boyfriend Chris Brown, who pleaded guilty to assaulting the Barbadian pop star back in 2009.

Jaree Strozier, who tweets under the handle @JuhReeV, posted a tweet on Friday night expressing her displeasure with Rihanna and Chris Brown after the two singers teamed up to remix each other's songs, tweeting: I gotta admit, I lost alot of respect for @rihanna.. Makin a song w/ the dude that beat your face off is not a good look.

Rihanna, who has over 14 million Twitter followers, must have gotten thousands of those messages these past few days, but for some reason decided to respond to Jaree's in particular. Minutes later, Rihanna replied: @JuhReeV neither is your avi #clapback, referring to Jaree Strozier's Twiter avatar.

From there, Jaree responded: @rihanna I know I look better than you when chris beat ya ass... You musta liked it, followed by a barrage of messages intended for the many Rihanna supporters who started hounding her on Twitter. Her messages included defenses of her looks (Ya'll need to quit with the fat jokes... Hell yeah I got rolls but best believe I look better than you on your best day) and also challenges to Rihanna to get off Twitter and bring it to the front.

An image Rihanna tweeted to a fan after an argument.

Rihanna sent out another tweet, writing U Mad? #No1Currrrrr and then linking to a picture of her smoking a cigarette. The #No1Currrrrr hashtag appears to be a reference to an animated GIF that Chris Brown supporters were passing around on Twitter after the release of Rihanna and Brown's collaborations.

Finally, Rihanna sicced her fans on Jaree one last time by tweeting: I'm being cyber bullied by ---------->@JuhReeV.

Jaree appears to have picked up quite a number of followers because of the incident, with @josedrippinswag tweeting, shout outs to @JuhReeV for getting over 1,500 followers in the matter of just about 2 hours for stating an opinion on @rihanna.

Gossip über-blogger Perez Hilton also made a cameo in the Twitter drama, tweeting after Rihanna's cyber bullying message: @rihanna @JuhReeV I used to do that. Not proud of my past. But I have grown. Hopefully we can all aspire to be kinder and more thoughtful. x. It's unclear who he was castigating (perhaps both of them?), but afterwards he tweeted to Rihanna: @rihanna P.S. Love you, bitch! You can put your red lipstick all over my body! Ha x.

This may be the end of the feud (Jaree just tweeted I am beyond over this sh*t...), although it's odd that Rihanna hasn't yet deleted the tweets, which is usually what celebrity handlers make their charges do after they've tweeted something mean or overly dramatic. Then again, if Rihanna's own friends and mentor Jay-Z can't get her to stop hooking up with Chris Brown, it's likely that nobody can influence her tweeting, either.