A photo of Paris Jackson and Chris Brown, posted by the 13-year-old Jackson to her Twitter account.

Chris Brown's been getting a lot of publicity -- mostly bad -- the past few days, with his Rihanna collaboration and cell phone snatching incident in South Beach, and it looks like he's courting more controversy with an offer to Paris Jackson to appear in a new music video with him, according to the National Enquirer.

Michael Jackson's 13-year-old daughter Paris is making her big-screen debut in a fantasy/adventure film called Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys, and she is reportedly a huge fan of singer Chris Brown. She was photographed attending one of his concerts back in October, when TMZ claimed that the late King of Pop's daughter is in love with Chris Brown. (The pop star let Paris attend a special pre-show sound check, and also took a photo with her, pictured right.)

One person who's not so happy, on the other hand, is Jackson family matriarch and Paris's guardian, Katherine Jackson, who, according to the National Enquirer, allowed her granddaughter to listen to Brown's music and attend his shows, but has put her foot down on a potential collaboration with the singer, who pleaded guilty in 2009 to assaulting pop singer Rihanna after a heated argument following the Grammy Awards.

Referring to Katherine Jackson, the Enquirer wrote, She doesn't feel that Brown, who was convicted of felony assault for his attack on Rihanna, is a good influence. She allows her granddaughter to be a fan, and she lets her attend his concerts, but she draws the line at Paris working side by side with him.

Chris Brown may have bigger issues than Paris Jackson not appearing in his music video, however. On Sunday he reportedly snatched a fan's iPhone as she tried to take a picture of him, which could land him in hot water with his probation officer, to whom he must report for two more years, on top of the three he has served since he was convicted of assaulting Rihanna.