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A man attacked by three tigers at Copenhagen Zoo was found dead in a den with a bite to his throat on Wednesday morning, Reuters reported.

The man, thought to be in his early 20s, went over a fence and through a moat to get into the enclosure, where he was attacked by the tigers, police say.

Authorities do not know the man's motive for going into the den, but suicide has not been excluded and police are carrying out investigations, Lars Borg, a spokesman for the Copenhagen police told the Associated Press.

Borg explained that the tiger had bitten the man on the leg and chest, but the deepest slash was to his throat.

The man's body, which has not yet been identified, was found by the zookeeper on Wednesday morning. According to Police reports the man is a Danish permanent resident holder, but not a citizen.

The Zoo Keeper told reporters that this was the first time in the Zoo's 152-year history that such an incident has happened. If a person really wants to get in (there), we cannot prevent it from happening, the Zoo Keeper told the AP. The tigers will not be put down he said.

Twitter users have had mixed reactions to the incident: For humanity, the tiger mauling in the Copenhagen Zoo is tragic, but for nature, it is simply a case of natural selection, tweeted Johan Andresen.

What a way to go in Copenhagen, become a tigers dinner! Jarolt Z tweeted.

Aww, some bloke just jumped into the lion enclosure in Copenhagen Zoo. News interviewer asked a zoologist just how dangerous are tigers? tweets Daniel Flugt.