Police officers came to the rescue of a woman who went into labor on a concrete sidewalk outside a Van Nuys gas station in Los Angeles, California.

Both the baby and mother are doing well after the "special delivery," the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said. A call about a woman needing assistance came in around 4:45 a.m. Wednesday, Patch reported.

Officer Juan Sierra and Officer Courtney Paar arrived at the scene station to find the woman lying on the sidewalk. The two officers "responded and discovered the woman was in active labor," the LAPD wrote in the video it released on YouTube.

The woman, lying between a stack of water bottles and an ice machine, could be heard loudly crying for help in the body-camera footage released by the police department.

"Oh god, what's — oh she's giving birth, man!" one of the officers said. "Are you having a baby?"

"Yes!" the woman responded.

The officers called for a Rescue Ambulance and assisted the woman in delivering her baby.

Footage of the birth showed the officers by the side of the woman until the newborn baby boy was finally in one of their arms. However, what followed the birth were tense moments as officers waited and did whatever they could to make the baby cry.

"Is he okay?" the mother asked repeatedly after giving birth. "Come on buddy, cry for us," an officer was heard saying in the video.

The officers breathed a sigh of relief after the newborn finally began crying.

"There we go," an officer said.

The mother and baby were both rushed to the hospital.

"Both are doing well," the LAPD wrote in the video. "The Los Angeles Police Department is proud to highlight extraordinary moments in everyday police work."

Officer Sierra is glad to have been a part of the baby's safe birth. "It happened so fast," the officer told ABC7.

"Knowing that I was able to contribute in bringing a life to this world -- I mean that alone is incomparable," Sierra added.

Netizens praised the officers on Facebook for their work.

"God bless you guys, be safe out there!" one comment said while another added, "Wow, great job guys. You deserve a medal and recognition."

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