Ghana draws African-American tourists with 'Year of Return'

US preacher Roxanne Caleb blinked away the tears as she emerged from a pitch-dark dungeon where African slaves were once held before being shipped across the Atlantic to America."I wasn't prepared for this. I'm heartbroken," she told AFP as she toured the Cape Coast slave fort on Ghana's ocean shore."My mind still can't wrap around the fact that a human being can treat another worse than a rat."

Man Beheads 21-Year-Old Woman In Kenya

“The killer cut her head at the back first then turned and cut her again by the throat then he took the head and ran with it but abandoned it 30 meters from here,” a witness said.

Man Sacrificed His Children As Part Of Ritual

The man dragged his eight-year-old son into a shrine before sacrificing him to the gods as part of a ritual. When his daughter, who was witnessing the “sacrifice,” started screaming, he cut off her hands before beheading her.