Jay Z, Beyonce
Rapper Jay Z and singer Beyonce Knowles at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala in New York on May 5. REUTERS

By now, people all around the world have witnessed Solange attacking Jay Z. Theories as to why Beyoncé’s sister fought the entrepreneur last week after the Met Gala in New York are endless. But we may never know the truth, as the video released by TMZ had no audio.

However, it is clear that Jay Z, 44, pushed Solange’s buttons to the point where she felt that violence was the right course of action at that moment in time. Though violence should never be condoned, what could Jay Z have done to make Solange, 27, so irate? Latest reports are saying Beyoncé’s husband wanted to attend Rihanna’s Met Gala afterparty without Beyoncé, 32, which upset her little sister.

But many people think it must be something way deeper than that. Since last year, there have been rumors that Beyoncé’s marriage is falling apart, and recently, she removed a “IV” tattoo she had on her wedding ring finger. She and Jay Z got the same tattoo, and it represented their wedding date, April 4, 2008. So is Jay Z cheating on Beyoncé? Is their marriage over?

While the fight has certainly caused people to speculate about Jay Z and whether or not he is a faithful partner, it also has created a new conversation about Beyoncé. In the video, it is noticeable that she does almost nothing as her sister kicks, punches, and even spits at Jay Z. When they leave the Standard Hotel, Beyoncé even leaves with Solange, while Jay Z takes another vehicle. Why would she leave with someone who just attacked her husband, unless he did something particularly awful?

On Wednesday, days after the video leaked, Beyoncé posted numerous pictures of herself and Solange on Instagram, seemingly showing support to her little sister. Should Beyoncé be defending Solange? Does that mean Jay Z is not a good husband? While there are certainly more questions than answers, it is evident that things are rarely as they seem, and everything in the Knowles-Carter household is not picture perfect.

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