Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert mocked Donald Trump for saying that he would get rid of the nonexistent "Department of Environmental" on "The Late Show," April 6, 2016. CBS

During the 2012 Republican primaries, Texas Gov. Rick Perry forgot the name of one of the three government agencies he hoped to eliminate during a debate, and late night comedians never let him hear the end of it. Donald Trump would have been wise to remember that before vowing to get rid of the nonexistent "Department of Environmental."

Stephen Colbert could not wait to have some fun with Trump's gaffe on CBS' "The Late Show" Wednesday. The comedian chided Trump for citing the "Department of Environmental" as the federal government agency he would do away with at a Fox News town hall Monday — no such agency exists at the federal level — and applying the seemingly incongruous acronym of DEP.

"Even the abbreviation is wasteful because that "P" does not stand for anything," joked Colbert. "We looked it up, and the Department of Environmental does not exist, meaning Trump is either talking out of his a-- or he’s already eliminated it."

Colbert later jokingly suggested a few more fictional agencies for Trump to eliminate, including “big federal programs like the 'Federal Bureau of Moneying,' the 'Department for the Farms,' the 'Bureau of Birds and Foxes,' the 'Environmental Erection Agency,' the 'U.S. Steak Department,' the 'Department of the Inferior,' the 'U.S. Ghost Guard,' the 'Department of Justins,' the 'United States Mint Chocolate Chip' and the 'Department of Health and Human Centipedes.'”

Watch Stephen Colbert mock Donald Trump's gaffe below:

While there is no federal "Department of Environmental," New York State does have a Department of Environmental Protection, or DEP, which Trump has likely dealt with in his business dealings in the state. However, even that explanation does not fully refute the implications in Trump's gaffe that he does not have an adequate enough understanding of the workings of the federal government to be president.

A combination of gaffes and controversial statements has led to a dip in Trump's poll numbers and helped Texas Sen. Ted Cruz overtake Trump in Wisconsin, where Cruz won that state's primary Tuesday.

"Analysts say Trump lost because of things he’s said and done," joked Colbert.