President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have agreed to meet face-to-face in July at the G20 world leaders summit in Hamburg, Germany, May 2, 2017. In this photo, traditional Russian wooden nesting dolls, Matryoshka dolls, depicting Trump (L) and Putin (R) are seen at a gift shop in central Moscow Jan. 16, 2017. Getty Images

President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin had their third phone call Tuesday. The two leaders spoke for the first time since the U.S. attacked the Shayrat air base in Syria in April in retaliation to the deadly chemical gas attack against civilians, allegedly conducted by Syrian President Bashar Assad in Idlib province April 4, which left over 100 people dead and more than 300 wounded.

The attack resulted in tensions between the United States and Russia as the Russian military have been fighting alongside the Syrian regime.

According to the Kremlin’s official website, a statement about the phone call also said that the two presidents have agreed to meet face-to-face in July at the G20 world leaders summit in Hamburg.

“Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump supported the continuation of the contacts on the phone, as well as in favor of the organization of personal meetings in conjunction with the meeting of the 'Summit of the Group of twenty' July 7-8 in Hamburg,” the statement on the website read.

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During the phone call, the two leaders also agreed to work together to make diplomatic progress on the threat posed by North Korea, after weeks of escalating tensions between North Korea and the U.S.

“Thoroughly discussed the dangerous situation on the Korean peninsula. The Russian head of state has called for restraint and reduce tensions level. It was agreed to establish a joint work focused on diplomatic solutions to the comprehensive settlement of the problem,” the statement on Kremlin’s website said.

Moscow described the phone call as "business-like and constructive." The two leaders also discussed the Syrian crisis over the telephonic conversation.

Matthew Wallin, senior fellow at the American Security Project said: "Russia’s influence will be helpful [on North Korea], but not nearly as much as China’s cooperation."

He said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un needs to see that the possession of destructive nuclear weapons is a much larger threat to the country's existence "than the threat of an American or South Korean invasion without them,” according to the Independent.

"Like China, Russia sees North Korea as a useful check on American power in the region", but Wallin said it was "unclear" if either Putin or Chinese President Xi Jinping are really willing to put pressure on Kim.

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After Trump and Putin’s phone call, reports said that former Fox News personality Megyn Kelly is expected to travel to Russia in June to moderate a panel at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which will take place between June 1 to June 3 and include Russian President Vladimir Putin. Kelly has already been on the headlines for the official June premiere of her new show for NBC News.

Page Six reported Tuesday that Kelly officially started her new NBC role on May 1. An unnamed source called the coming trip to Russia “a great way for Megyn to get an inside track and land the big one-on-one interview with President Putin.”

In a statement, an NBC spokesperson confirmed the news to the gossip site saying: “Megyn Kelly of NBC News will moderate the plenary session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on stage with Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin.”