A federal judge is considering whether to penalize lawyers who filed an unsuccessful lawsuit that challenged Joe Biden’s 2.8 percentage-point victory in Michigan. An attorney has requested that pro-Donald Trump lawyers be disbarred in Michigan.

The lawsuit alleging election fraud was dropped in December after a judge found that claims that votes for Trump were destroyed or switched to votes for Biden were nothing but “speculation and conjecture.” 

Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood told U.S. District Judge Linda Parker in the virtual hearing Monday that he had nothing to do with the election lawsuit in Michigan, even though he was listed as counsel.

“I did not review any of the documents with respect to the complaint. My name was placed on there, but I had no involvement,” Wood said. 

When asked about his relationship to the case, Wood said he did “not specifically recall being asked about the Michigan complaint, but I had generally indicated to Sidney Powell that if she needed a quote-unquote trial lawyer, I would certainly be willing or available to help her.”

In response, Powell told the judge she “can’t imagine” she would have added Wood to the lawsuit without his express knowledge but it was possible there could have been a misunderstanding. 

The virtual hearing included more than 15 people and regular cross-talk between parties. The proceedings grew so unintelligible at one point that a court reporter jumped in to ask participants to “please stop interrupting,” CNBC noted.

There is no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 election. Election officials from both political parties have stated publicly of no voter fraud. International observers also confirmed there were no serious irregularities.

Judge Parker asked for more briefs and did not indicate when she would make a decision on possible penalties.